Costume Design
My award winning designs have been showcased both in Australia and overseas.  I can design costumes for your Professional theatrical productions, TV Drama and Reality, TV Commericals or Events.

I have many years of experience designing and manufacturing on a large scale - no job is too big. I have strong business relationships with Manufacturers both here and offshore. In particular, I have connections in India, Asia and the Middle East.

 Working at Canal Rd Film Centre, I  have access to  Kylie Clarke Wigmaking ,  Jodie MorrisonBespoke Shoemaker , Leonie Grace -  Couturier; and many , other Industry Costume professionals,as well. 


Uniform Design
I believe that your Uniforms are your 3D Brand - what do your staff uniforms say about your business?

I can provide your company with unique, bespoke Uniform designs that will have your staff standing out from the crowd.  

Production and Manufacture can be within Australia, or offshore, depending upon your needs.For examples of the Uniforms I have designed for leading hotel groups view My Work.


Costume Couture Hire
I have recently re-launched my Industry Only Costume Hire.  I hire both short term and long term for Stage, TV Series, TVC and Events.
My collection is extensive, and includes:
Individual, Duo & Group Outfits
Theatrical & Urban  Sreet gear
Ballroom - Gowns, Suits & Accessories
Burlesque: Corsets, Fringe Skirts, Feathers and more
Avant Garde and Leather
Suits: Zoot, Cloured, Vintage, TAils, 80's, Vests
Contemporary -Male & Female
Character: Space, Tribal, Fantasy, Animal & Ethnic
Unitards, Leotards & Tights
Top hats, Bowlers, Caps, Akubras, Ethnic Hats
Dance Heels, Boots, zOxfords, Street shoes and Runners
Accessories and Jewellery Galore!

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Events & TVC Hire and Design
I have extensive experience designing Costumes for large scale events.

This includes Styling and Designing Opening and Closing Ceremonies for:
2000 Sydney Paralympics
2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games handover
2006 Asian Games Doha
2011 Pan Arab Games Doha
2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games Handover, and
2015 World Men’s Handball Championships Doha.

TV and TVC credits include styling and designing for:
Aria & Logie Awards
Young Talent Time 2012
Everybody Dance Now TVC, and the critically acclaimed
“So You Think You Can Dance” Seasons 1 -4.


Workroom & Equipment Hire
Conveniently located at Canal Rd Film Centre, Leichhardt, I have a 60m2 fully equipped Workroom for short term hire.
Equipment available includes, but is not limited to:
Cutting Tables, Trestle Tables and Chairs
Custom Built Steam Ironing Table
Male & Female Mannequins
Z Racks
Industrial & Domestic Machines
Stand Up Dryer
Steamer & Irons

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