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I love being part of a team and the great world of live theatre is a fantastic collaborative space. The most rewarding experiences have been when creating a new show , helping the actors build characters and interpreting a Director’s vision.

I try and start with few boundaries and remain open to my environment and everything and everyone in it as inspiration comes from everywhere….. My entire design inspiration for “Hairspray the Musical” started with a glomesh bag!

Large arena shows are similarly a very collaborative process as the lighting and set designer and choreographer all work with Costume in various ways to get the best results!

TV costuming is a crazy world of deadlines and last minute changes so  its imperative to have an experienced team to deal with the clash of low budgets & high expectations. 

The dedicated teams of professional pattern makers, sewers , artists , milliners , shoe makers & Wigmakers are incredible and over 20 years of working together we have formed close understanding of each other’s creative contribution. They all bring so much skill and even more joy to my work every day!

Costume Gallery

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