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At Janet Hine Design we believe that uniforms are your 3D brand- an important extension of your brand.


We take a brand's  personality and through attention to detail & a balance of colour & texture highlight their identity and create individuality. What your staff wear speaks volumes about your business.


We can provide your company with unique, bespoke uniform designs that will have your staff standing out from the crowd.

Are your staff dressed to impress? 

What your staff wears speaks volumes about the personality of your business. With 20 years design experience in entertainment and the hospitality industry, JHD has the unique skills to tell the story of your brand in fresh new ways. The fusion of fashion and function will have your staff leaving a lasting impression - let us dress the characters in your success story.

Uniform Gallery

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  • Gold Coast 

  • Port Douglas

  • Sydney 

  • Melbourne

  • Falls Creek

  • Bondi

  • Canberra

  • Queenstown

  • Museum Wellington

  • Perth

  • Restaurant 

  • Blacktown

  • Albury

  • Dandenong

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